Re-breakable Training Boards

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Nothing increases confidence with a loud KIAI like breaking a board. With these re-breakable martial arts training boards your students can break boards every day! Traditional breaking boards cost around $2 per board!! Boosting confidence in class can get costly. With these re-breakable boards you pay once and break hundreds of boards. One re-breakable board pays for itself after 18 breaks! Whether students use their fist, knife-hand strike, or elbow, they will love breaking boards more often. These are also great to keep at home to train your ninja on days they don't have martial arts classes. Re-breakable boards come in varying thicknesses from 10-20mm allowing you to increase the difficulty level as your students progress. 


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**Unparalleled Tip: Breaking boards is an incredibly effective way of keeping students engaged in class. We recommend choosing the most focused few students at the end of each class and rewarding them with the honor of breaking a board. (It's still a good idea to keep a stack of traditional breaking boards handly for belt promotion tests as these make great martial arts training souvenirs to take home!)