Martial Arts Motivating 10 Level Belt Display

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Have you or your child recently earned a new martial arts belt? Are you a gym owner looking to add a touch of tradition to your interior design?

Promotion in martial arts means more than just a belt, it's the start of a whole new, unparalleled you! We believe this achievement should be celebrated and displayed proudly as you work up the rungs of your journey. 

This display has 10 levels as you reach high towards Black Belt! Hanging in a bedroom, living room, or dojo, this high-end professional display will motivate martial artists of all ages to persevere as they walk an unparalleled path! 

Tag us on Instagram @unparalleledmartialarts with your belt promotion photo for 10% off your next order.  


**Unparalleled Tip: Remember black belts take time! Be patient with yourself and let your previous belts motivate you forward!