Conquer the Moment Targets

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This is your moment. Everything in your fighting career has led up until now. You wrap your hands. Step out onto the battlefield. This is War. You are mentally prepared and in top physical condition. The only thing standing between you and the championship title is...your coach, asking why you are late to training. At Unparalleled Martial Arts, we believe you should be ready for anything, at any time. To be unparalleled you must take your training just as serious as your matches. Enter practice with that warrior mentality and you are sure to take the win. 

Conquer your moments leading up to the BIG moment with proper training equipment that will stand up to even your strongest punches. These pads are light, allowing your pad holder to execute quick combination sets. 

  • Made of EVA, PU, and Spandex
  • Weight: 226 grams

Get ready to conquer!

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//Unparalleled Tip: Take a few mindful minutes before each training session, just as you would meditate before you step in the ring. This will help you get the most out of training and allow you to switch on Beast Mode that much faster.